Classic Turf Company LLC

Classic Turf Company uses patented technology to construct the most durable and longest-lasting tennis courts, running tracks, and multipurpose courts available. Specially designed post tension concrete technology and athletic surfacing gives each court and track exceptional weather-proofing, strength and longevity, even in extreme conditions. Classic Turf Company specializes in tennis courts, basketball courts, and running track construction for schools, parks, hotels, fitness clubs, apartment complexes and more. From preliminary design to laser grading, concrete work and sports surfacing, to the installation of lighting and fencing and painting of game lines, Classic Turf Company constructs complete facilities from start to finish.

Classic Turf Company began with the understanding that courts and tracks constructed with asphalt cracked and wore out under the elements too quickly and sought to find a better method for constructing courts that last longer and play better. Research and experimentation yielded the post-tension concrete installation process currently in use, installing concrete with a 20-year structural guarantee, where your court or track will not crack, heave, or settle. Classic Turf Company was the first to introduce post tension concrete in Connecticut and it is now used in sports facilities, homes, apartments and many more all over New England. With concrete courts that last a lifetime with little to no repairs and perform better under all conditions than other hard courts, Classic Turf Company saves customers time and money. Student athletes, competitors, residents, visitors and anyone using our top-quality tennis courts, basketball courts, or running tracks will appreciate the smooth beauty of its appearance and its exceptional performance. Courts constructed with post tension concrete not only exhibit greater durability and longevity, but will outlast any other courts or tracks around.

Classic Turf Company customizes the construction methods and materials used in your court to provide the optimal playing surface for each sport, providing the friction, cushioning, flexibility, movement and speed needed for the unique actions of each sport. Classic Turf Company has perfected post tension concrete over thirty years of use and the pioneering surfacing has won nationwide and international appeal for all types of sports.

Classic Turf Company combines over 30 years of experience to build the best possible sports courts. Sports courts are an integral part of your recreational facilities, whether you are a private homeowner, Home Owners Association, Park and Recreation or Board of Education. It is important to keep these facilities in top working order so your players will feel welcome. Look at the gallery to see a few of the tennis courts, basketball courts and other projects recently completed to see what your court could look like.