Classic Turf Company LLC

For more than 40 years now, Classic Turf Company has specialized in providing the best tennis and basketball court construction services in Connecticut, New York, New England, New Jersey, and other parts of the country. We use our patented post-tension concrete technology to design and build the most durable and longest-lasting tennis courts and basketball courts around. We also assist clients interested in constructing running tracks and multipurpose courts. From performing preliminary design and carrying out laser grading to taking on concrete work and doing sports surfacing, we provide you with courts that will last for years to come.

Tennis Court Construction

When our founder Tumer H. Eren first established Classic Turf Company back in 1980, he did so with one goal in mind: To find a way to do tennis and basketball construction without the use of asphalt that cracked and wore out entirely too quickly. After doing extensive research, we were able to come up with a unique post-tension concrete installation process that allows us to create tennis courts, basketball courts, and running tracks that won’t crack, heave, or settle over time, which ensures that they’ll last for many years. It’s what has allowed us to offer a 20-year structural guarantee on each and every tennis court and other type of court that we build from scratch. It’s also what has allowed our customers to use our courts for decades on end without having to make costly repairs.

Basketball Court Construction

When you call on Classic Turf Company for tennis and basketball court construction services, we’ll customize both our construction methods and the materials that we use so that they’re specific to your court. If, for example, you want a basketball court, we’ll use the methods and materials that will provide you with the friction, cushioning, flexibility, movement, and speed that you’ll need once you start using your new court. This is why people have come to trust us to do basketball court construction in parks, at schools, on rooftops, and in many other locations.

Running Track Construction

At Classic Turf Company, we understand that building something like a running track can be an overwhelming process. It’s not easy mapping out the best place for running track construction and selecting the right materials to get the job done. Just like with tennis and basketball court construction, we’ll lend a helping hand with every single aspect of a running track construction project from start to finish. It’ll leave you with an incredible track in the end that is designed to last you for a long time thanks to our post-tension concrete installation.

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