family owned business


Classic Turf was founded on one simple question: “How can we do this better?” Like so many American dream stories, ours is founded on grit, passion, and creativity.

Tumer Eren came to the United States from Turkey in the 1970s. He began working at a small Ski and Racquet Club in northwestern Connecticut. There, he had a range of responsibilities related to skiing that reflected his personal olympic level abilities in the sport. In the summer months, he maintained two clay tennis courts, which needed constant repair.

Even then, Tumer was an innovator who asked “Is there was a better way?” After much research and effort, he started his own company based on a patented new system that solved 80% of the problems with clay and asphalt courts.

But…anyone who knows Tumer is well aware that he settles for nothing less than A+ work. So he kept at it – perfecting his solutions and testing new ideas. This led his growing team (including his son John, now the VP of Classic Turf) to post tension concrete, which delivers near bulletproof durability and optimal performance. 

The question that started Classic Turf continues to guide us today: “How can we do this better?” The answers we’ve discovered along the way have led to ongoing enhancements – from faster build times, to greater affordability for our clients, to sustainable material use. And just as we helped lead the industry shift toward post tension concrete for tennis courts – especially in the New England area – we’re doing the same thing today for running tracks.

Back to the man who started it all… Tumer (who now at 76 years old, focuses primarily on research and development) is still known to text John new ideas at all hours, with new ideas and insights regarding improvement. While the 24/7 innovation wheel spinning in his brain can be exhausting, his passion for doing things right – and better – is always inspiring. 

And we as a Classic Turf team are inspired, in turn, to share this passion with our clients with every unique sports surface we bring to life. To get it right. To do it better than anyone else. To build something that lasts – just as Tumer always has. Tumer’s quest, and the Classic Turf team’s quest, is to develop and build a post tension concrete system that will last a lifetime and to continue to pursue other new technology and innovations that will benefit both professional and recreational athletes.