Classic Turf Sports Surface

If you’re thinking about using asphalt to do tennis or basketball court construction, you should think again. The Classic Turf Sports Surface from Classic Turf Company is a much better option for tennis courts, basketball courts, and running tracks. It’s a high-tech cushioning system that will provide those who use it with the cushioning they need to stay safe. What’s more, when it’s used along with the post-tension concrete available through Classic Turf Company, it’s guaranteed not to crack for 20 years

Tennis Court Construction

Whether you’re doing tennis court construction and creating a new tennis court from scratch or performing tennis court resurfacing, you should strongly consider using Classic Turf Sports

A court built with post tension concrete and the Classic Turf Sports Surface is the highest quality, all-weather sport court on the market. 


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Surface to do it. It can be installed over a number of bases, including concrete, asphalt, wood, and more. It’s also an ideal option for outdoor tennis courts thanks to its water resistance and its breathing capabilities. Some of the other benefits of using Classic Turf Sports Surface for tennis court construction include:

  • It helps you achieve 100% consistent ball bounce.
  • It allows for customized speed of play.
  • It puts less wear and tear on players.
  • It’s up to 30% softer than asphalt and concrete.
  • It environmentally responsible since it’s made out of recycled rubber tires.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It lasts for a very long time.

Classic Turf Sports Surface will be a great investment for any tennis court. From indoor courts to courts positioned on rooftops or garage decks, you can’t go wrong with using the Classic Turf Sports Surface.

Basketball Court Construction

Our system is versatile enough to be used on almost any type of court, including basketball courts. If you’re in the beginning stages of basketball court construction, you should mull over the idea of using the Classic Turf Sports Surface from Classic Turf Company for it. It’ll provide you with the cushioning you need from your court while also providing you with a visually appealing surface.

Multi-Sport Court Construction

The Classic Turf Sports Surface from Classic Turf Company is the perfect option for pretty much any type of court. Even if you’re looking to pull off a multi-sport court construction as opposed to a tennis or basketball court construction, it will come in handy. It’s the best all-weather sports court on the market today and will fulfill all your needs once you use it to put your multi-sport court into place.

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