Classic Turf Sports Surface

The Classic Turf Sport Surface is a high-tech cushioning system that can be used for tennis courts, basketball courts and multi-sport courts.  The Classic Turf Sport Surface along with post tension concrete is guaranteed not to crack for 20-years.

A court built with post tension concrete and the Classic Turf Sports Surface is the highest quality, all-weather sport court on the market. 


Tennis Courts | Basketball Courts | Multi-Sport Courts

Intended for tennis court construction or tennis court resurfacing, the Classic Turf Sport Surface can be installed over a variety of bases, including concrete, asphalt, wood, and more. The Classic Turf Sports Surface is ideal for roof top installations due to its water resistance and breathing capabilities.

Benefits of the Classic Turf sports surface include:

  • 100% consistent ball bounce
  • Customized speed of play
  • Less physical wear and tear on players
  • 30% softer than asphalt or concrete
  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable  and permanent installation over concrete surfaces
  • Environmentally responsible – manufactured with recycled rubber tires
  • Fastest drying surface – impermeable to moisture and water
  • Versatility – The SBR cushion density and surface coatings can be adjusted for a variety of sports (tennis, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, squash, etc.)
  • Investment protection – 100% air, water, and UV resistant. The Classic Turf Sports Surface shields the sub-surface from aging and cracking.

Use the Classic Turf Sports Surface to transform concrete slabs, rooftops, garage decks or existing tennis or basketball courts into unparalleled multi-purpose sport surfaces. Contact us to start construction on your tennis our basketball courts.