Client Comments

Dickinson Park – Newtown, CT

Classic Turf knows its business. There is no other way to say it. You need to promote your product and keep business growing but no one wants to hear you say how good you are, so I will do it for you. I wanted to let you know how great the Dickinson Park courts look after completion. There was not one complaint, only accolades, from those who have played on the courts.

There is no doubt that the courts are only as good as the base it is built on as well. The post tension concrete system you installed will provide decades of use, with no cracks. Thanks to Classic Turf, we have one of the finest playing surfaces in the entire state of Connecticut. The surface is very consistent and having courts like this are a real point of pride for the entire Newtown community. Looking back at the various construction photos, I realized the adversity that was overcome with the extreme weather conditions that existed. The end result is a true testament to the experience, expertise and commitment to quality provided by Classic Turf.

– Carl Samuelson, Assistant Director, Parks

Rumsey Hall School – Washington, CT

I am head tennis pro and manager of three Classic Turf indoor courts at Rumsey Hall School in Washington, CT. Our courts have been Classic Turf since 1997 and we couldn’t be happier with the surface. The courts are used for other sports as well (volleyball, wrestling, basketball, etc.) and it has been proven to be tough enough to withstand the multiple use. The company has always been quick to take care of our needs and I highly recommend the Classic Turf sports surface.

– Kenyon Clark, Tennis Pro

Woodbury Middle School, Woodbury, CT

The biggest reason for choosing Classic Turf and the post-tension concrete system is that the asphalt was eventually going to crack. We have dealt with cracked asphalt tennis courts for years, and once the cracking happens, there is no cure. The idea of post-tension concrete was the best solution from an engineering perspective to solve the problem of cracking. This slab is in compression its entire life. No other contractor offered to talk to us about post-tension concrete, but Classic Turf did. The courts have been in use for a few years now and we have received nothing but positive feedback.

– Michael Molzon, Facilities Director, Region 14 School District – Woodbury, CT

Community Park – Southbury, CT

I have been a Parks and Recreation Professional for over 30 years and have worked with many
vendors and contractors over that time. It was a pleasure to work with Classic Turf on the construction on the town’s new basketball courts. We had concerns about our basketball courts and how they were wearing and when Classic Turf presented us with their post-tension concrete court construction we were intrigued. The project was completed on time and our new courts have been receiving rave reviews from residents.

This was my first experience with the post-tension concrete system and I have already recommended it to colleagues. If I ever have the opportunity to build future courts, this is the system I will recommend. It would be hard to justify going back to asphalt courts. Classic Turf exceeded our expectations. They take pride in their work and their product and did everything to ensure we were pleased with our new courts.

– Ron Kalban, Director, Southbury Parks and Recreation