Tennis Nets, Posts and Screens

Classic Turf Company uses only the highest quality nets and net posts to complement our tennis courts. All nets come with a center strap and anchor included.

Douglas Sports makes their tennis court nets to meet USTA requirements. Netting is 1-3/4” square mesh braided polyethylene, unsurpassed for durability and weather resistance. Vinyl bottom tape and side pockets of headbands are polyester based and will not shrink, mildew, or rot when exposed to the elements.

Championship Tennis Nets TN-45

Championship Tennis Nets –TN 45

  • Double thick 100% polyester headband
  • Plays like a canvas net, true net cord bounce
  • 3.5 mm braided polyethylene netting
  • 5-year warranty
Tournament Tennis Nets TN-30DM

Tournament Tennis Nets- TN 30DM

  • Vinyl coated polyester headband
  • 3.0 mm Braided polyethylene netting
  • 4 year warranty

Tennis net posts are manufactured by Lee Tennis Court products.
We offer an aluminum internal wind net post in either green or black, or an exquisitely crafted wood net post.

Tennis Court Net Post

Aluminum Net Post:

  • Unique Tear-drop design
  • Internal design eliminates visible cables, cleats, and ratchets, creating a cleaner look and safer design.
  • Removable pulley for easy access to attach net cable to internal wheel.
  • Post fits existing 3” diameter sleeve.
  • Long Lasting construction

Tennis Court Construction in New England Wood Net Post:

  • These incredible handmade net posts are crafted from the finest Brazilian hardwood with bronze fittings to compliment the hardwood color. These posts are specially designed to withstand the considerable force of a fully tensioned net in correspondence with our post tension concrete. The wood is coated with five coats of UV-resistant varnish to protect from moisture and the forces of Mother Nature. Even the most discerning tennis efficianato will appreciate these exquisite posts.