Post Tension Concrete Tennis & Basketball Courts

Classic Turf Company was the first to introduce the post tension concrete technology to the Northeast. After 30 years of experience Classic Turf Company truly believes there is no other way to build an outdoor sports surface that will last. You will not find another company with more experience and expertise in New England. Compared to others in the area, Classic Turf is the only company that has perfected the post tension concrete technology. Research and development has enabled Classic Turf Company to simplify the post tension concrete process resulting in a cost-effective product for the user. And it is the only post tension concrete sport surface that can provide a 20-year crack-free guarantee.

Post tension concrete has been found to be economical and effective in the construction of tennis courts. Post tension concrete courts provide the additional advantages of reducing and eliminating control joints and resisting and controlling cracking as a result of the compression induced into the concrete by pre-stressing the steel tendons.

Post tension concrete provides a sturdy and durable playing surface that will withstand abuse and is less susceptible to the effects of climate (heat, cold, rain, etc.) than asphalt.

Post tension concrete court slabs will typically have a higher flexural capacity as compared to a slab of the same thickness reinforced with non-pre-stressed reinforcing steel (rebar) or heavy mesh. The use of single-strand unbonded tendons is a very cost effective method of reinforcing concrete slabs. Post tension concrete is the preferred method for new construction and rebuilding of existing tennis courts.