Prime Coating Sports Surface

For over 30 years, Classic Turf Company has been dealing intensively with the research and development of sports surfaces using cutting edge technology.

Classic Turf Company’s Prime Coating System is a patented sports surface designed to be applied over post tension concrete slabs. The Prime Coating System is made up of several different layers resulting in not only a durable sports surface but a waterproof system that will seal and protect the post tension concrete slab for decades to come.


Tennis courts | Basketball courts | Skate parks | Roller hockey rinks | Multipurpose courts

The Prime Coating System is cost effective and made from the highest quality materials. It is designed to be used for both indoor and outdoor facilities and guaranteed not to peel or bubble due to the post tension concrete slab’s moisture vapor transmission. Classic Turf’s Prime Coating System is ideal for both park and recreation facilities as well as school facilities. Classic Turf’s Prime Coating System along with post tension concrete provides a 20-year crack-free guarantee.

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