Prime Coating Sports Surface

Are you in the process of creating a tennis court, basketball court, skate park, roller hockey rink, or multipurpose court? Rather than using asphalt to do it, you should consider going with a Prime Coating Sports Surface from Classic Turf Company. Our patented sports surface is designed sit atop post-tension concrete slabs, and it is made up of several layers that make it both durable and waterproof.


Tennis courts | Basketball courts | Skate parks | Roller hockey rinks | Multipurpose courts

The Benefits of a Prime Coating Sports Surface

At Classic Turf Company, we’ve been installing our special sports surfaces in Connecticut, New York, New England, New Jersey, and some of the surrounding areas for more than 40 years now. You can use our Prime Coating Sports Surface for tennis courts, basketball courts, skate parks, roller hockey rinks, multipurpose courts, and more. Our surface provides many advantages, including:

  • It can be installed over both indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.
  • It’s ideal for parks, recreational facilities, and schools.
  • It’s guaranteed not to peel or bubble thanks to the moisture vapor transmission provided by our post-tension concrete slabs.
  • It’s made from high-quality materials but is very cost-effective.
  • It comes with a 20-year crack-free guarantee.

Are you interested in finding out more about using our Prime Coating Sports Surface for tennis courts, basketball courts, and other types of courts? We would love to tell you more about the cutting-edge technology that helps to separate it from other types of surfaces.

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