Residential Portfolio

At Classic Turf Company, we’ve been installing private tennis courts and basketball courts for clients in Connecticut, New York, New England, New Jersey, and other parts of the country for more than two decades now. As you’ll see when you scan through the photos in our residential portfolio, our certified tennis court builders and basketball court builders can put together plans for almost any type of court. From state-of-the-art professional level sports surfaces to practice courts for kids, Classic Turf Company provides the type of court you’ve been dreaming about putting on your residential property.

Residential Tennis Court Construction

We create a customized court design for you based on your specific needs. Our certified tennis court builders will then use our post-tension concrete installation process to provide you with an unparalleled sports surface that comes complete with a 20-year, crack-free guarantee. We can also offer you customized lighting options, fencing, and more to finish off your tennis court so that you can begin putting it to good use right away.

Residential Basketball Court Construction

Classic Turf Company will take the same approach to residential basketball construction that we do to tennis court construction when you rely on us for a new court. Our certified basketball court builders will speak with you about the kind of court that best suits your home Whether you want to put a small court for your kids into place or something much larger that accommodates teams featuring adults, we’ll design the perfect basketball court for you. We also offer surface amenities, including things like basketball systems, lighting, and more.

Check out the residential portfolio that Classic Turf Company has assembled below. For additional information on how our certified tennis court builders and basketball court builders can assist you, call us at 800-246-7951.