Rooftop Court Portfolio

A rooftop view can give you a unique perspective on the world around you. It’s also very seldom to see a building take advantage of a rooftop as a playing surface for outdoor recreation. Here at Classic Turf Co., we specialize in turning flattop roofs into luxurious playing courts for a variety of games and recreational activities.

The same products that go into our post-tension concrete courts make up the foundation of our rooftop playing surfaces, providing the same long-lasting performance and aesthetic appearance. Look at our rooftop playing court portfolio to get an idea of the beautiful facilities, which we can construct, in your private property or public facility.

We can construct playing courts for a wide array of recreational activities. Along with our typical basketball and tennis courts, we’ve also built rooftop shuffleboard courts. We’ll also build interesting configurations of our traditional playing courts, such as the half-court basketball playing facility we constructed on the roof of the Trump Towers City Center in White Plains, NY.

We’ve built many rooftop courts in the New York City area, at such locations as Rockefeller University, Yankee Park, Town Tennis Club and at various private residences found throughout the city. We’ve even worked on rooftop facilities across the country, in such far-flung communities as Miami, FL; Denver, CO; and Hamilton, Bermuda.

The Rockefeller University project is a great example of how we can transform a dilapidated space into a clean and crisp-looking playing court. The tennis court was installed over a 100-year old parking garage, and the final product includes a lighting system installed by us as well as effective trench drainage for diverting excess storm water from the courts.

With the Classic Turf Company, any outdoor space is a just one remodeling project away from becoming a playing court for sports and recreation. Invest in your property by adding a public playing facility to the top of your commercial facility today. We also work with private homeowners for residential sports facilities.

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