Athletic & Running Track Surfacing

Classic Elastic Track is a proven, all-weather resilient surface system (perfect for running track surfaces) that incorporates a thermal / pressure-cured, precision-manufactured Elastic Base Mat, which is 100 percent laminated to the substrate (asphalt, concrete, wood, etc.)

This patented process allows the Classic Elastic Track surface to expand and contract with the substrate while remaining impermeable to water, yet allowing the upward pressure of water vapor and other gases to be released. That Classic Elastic Base Mat is enhanced with multiple layers of a high-density (EPDM) polymeric wearing surface.

Layers Components
Running track layers

  • 5. Line Markings – Lane lines and markings for events
  • 4. Finish Wearing Course – 2nd layer of HD polymeric
  • 3. Primary Wearing Course – 1st layer of HD polymeric
  • 2. Classic Elastic Base Mat – Thermal-Pressure cured, precision mat formed in 6, 8, 10 or 12mm depth
  • 1. Classic Elastic Bonding System – 100% elastic lamination of Elastic Base Mat to new or existing substrate
  • 0. New or Existing Substrate – Asphalt, concrete, wood, etc.

After specializing in constructing tennis, basketball, and multi-sport courts using post tension concrete Classic Turf Company designed and developed the use of the post tension technology in the construction of running tracks. The structural integrity of running tracks built with asphalt have the same faults as tennis and basketball courts constructed with asphalt. They are highly susceptible to structural cracking, heaving, and settling. Running tracks constructed with post tension concrete will not crack, heave, or settle with the change in temperatures and seasons.

Classic Turf offers a 20 year structural warranty on the post tension concrete base. In addition, the running track surfacing is comprised of extremely costly materials, more so then tennis court surfing. Installing these expensive surfacing materials over an asphalt base that is guaranteed to fail is not a good investment. The use of post tension in running track construction should be considered an industry standard.