This tennis court is located in Washington, CT at a private residence. The original tennis court was an artificial grass surface laid on top of an asphalt base. The artificial grass surface was deteriorated, extremely slippery, had growing moss and weeds, and was just outright dangerous to play on. The biggest challenge in this project was getting to the tennis court. The tennis court is located about 300 feet away and 50 – 60 feet below the house and driveway. The owner was adamant about maintaining their existing landscaping and wanted to avoid any construction damage to the property. The Classic Turf Company explained to the owner that the installation of a post tension concrete slab was the only way to achieve this. Trying to install a new asphalt court would require the construction of a temporary roadway, heavy excavation in the removal of the existing artificial grass and asphalt surface, and the hauling of hundreds of tons of material in and out of the job site.

The Classic Turf Company ended up installing a 4″ thick post tension concrete slab over the existing tennis court without removing any material along with the Classic Turf Company’s seamless custom fence system. The owner chose the Classic Turf Sports Surface due to its cushioning and ultimate protection of the concrete slab from the elements. The Classic Turf Company completed the job in only 3 1/2 weeks and provided the owner with a 20 year structural warranty.