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A Brief Guide to Building a Residential Tennis Court

Have you ever thought about having your own residential tennis court? How convenient would it be to be able to walk outside and there’s a tennis court in your yard? You wouldn’t have to wait to use it because it would be all yours, available 24-7! If you’re thinking about having a tennis court built,… Read more »

Reasons for Communities to Build Indoor Tennis Courts

Classic Turf Company of Woodbury, Connecticut, is known for constructing great tennis courts all over the country. Some of them are outdoors and some of them are indoors. As you’d imagine, indoor tennis courts go over well especially in areas where the weather is often too rainy or cold to properly play outside. Cold weather… Read more »

The Importance of Quality Lighting on Tennis Courts

Tennis court lighting plays a vital role in the functionality of a court, making the selection and installation of lighting an important factor. Ideally, the lighting used on tennis courts will be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, it will shine bright enough for players to play the game they love after sundown. However,… Read more »