Category: Residential Tennis Courts

Considerations When Building a Residential Tennis Court

Few things are more gratifying than having your own tennis court. Most people have to use a public tennis court, which they have to walk, bike or drive to… but when you have your own personal tennis court, it’s just steps away from your kitchen, bedroom or living room. If it’s the kind of thing… Read more »

Why Children Need an Active Lifestyle

You should be a bit worried if you are responsible for a child or several children today. Why? In one words: tablets. Society is raising a generation of young people absorbed to their screens. Little kids have their eyes glued to screens for countless hours each day. Can you blame them? They enjoy the moving… Read more »

Will a Tennis Court Increase your Property’s Value?

When you think of the characteristics of premium homes, what comes to mind? First of all, they usually have ample space. Next, they almost always have more amenities than the average home. Finally, they typically an area for physical activity, such as a private tennis court. For those who like staying active and healthy, a… Read more »