How to Select the Right Color and Style For Your Residential Outdoor Court

Think about a typical tennis court. What color comes to mind? Did you say “green?” Correct! Now think about a typical basketball court, outdoors. What color comes to mind? Most people say green, with the second most popular color being blue. Oftentimes the court is green with blue accents for outdoor basketball courts.

If you’re thinking of having an outdoor court for your home, how do you end up selecting “the right color and style?” Well, that’s the fun part! You get to choose– not somebody else. This decision is up to YOU.

Traditional Colors and Styles

Some people are traditional: “Just give me the usual,” they’ll say. Ok– green it is! Others are a bit more “on the wild side” and go for color and style extremes. “I want it to look like something no one has ever seen before! I want this court to be the talk of the town,” they’ll say. What’s more, they end up with unusual color combinations that people don’t expect, like purple, pink and green! They add logos and words and truly make it their own.

Now here’s a good way to choose colors and designs… ask yourself this: “What’s my favorite team?” Then go with their colors! It could be the local high school basketball team, or the NBA basketball team you root for, or maybe even a hockey team or one from Europe. Can a basketball court have the colors of a hockey or football team? Sure, why not?! Have a tribute to the New England Patriots or the New York Giants or the Boston Celtics or the New York Rangers… you get the idea.

What’s important to you? Do you want the court to match the colors of your house? Do you want it to pay homage to your favorite team and their colors? Do you want it to “blend in with the neighborhood” or “stand out from all other courts everywhere?”

Finding the Right Color Tones

Outdoor Residential Courts

For those who like something simple that “blends in,” go with neutral and traditional colors/tones that don’t stand out much.

If you want a court that matches your home in some way, utilize colors that match the house’s trim or backyard accessories. For instance, say you have a beautiful blue pool nearby– make your court blue. Or your house’s trim is tan, so incorporate tan into the design. This is called “color congruence,” and it helps make the yard look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

By the way, if you plan to sell the house, avoid putting a team logo or your family name in/on the design of your court. Otherwise, that could be awkward!

Lines to Differentiate Sports

Multi Sport Outdoor Court

How about the lines on the court? If you plan to play different sports on the court, then you can alter the color of the lines for each one. Using different colors helps differentiate between sports– so, for instance, have black lines for basketball versus white lines for tennis.

Want to see some examples of outdoor sport courts that Classic Turf Company has built and installed? Check these out. You’ll notice that the majority of homes go with courts that use green and blue on the surface(s) with white lines. Classic Turf’s courts are in a variety of places, including the Northeastern USA (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.), as well as other more tropical places like Florida and Bermuda.

Keep Geography in Mind

When thinking about the color and design of your court, also think about where you live– the climate, the environment, and “the feel.” Maybe you want “more green” in your yard. Or you love water, and are near water, so “more blue” works best. Remember, you’re going to be looking out the window, noticing the court for years to come– so you should choose colors and designs that spark joy and bring a smile to your face.

An outdoor sport court is a wonderful luxury to have in the yard. It means not having to wait around for others to get off the local park’s court so you can use it. It means playing basketball or tennis or other sports whenever you want to, even at 11pm at night.

Classic Turf Company can help you figure out the kind of court you’d like to add to your residential property. We can help you with colors, design, etc. For more information, please call Classic Turf today at 800-246-7951 or email

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