A Brief Introduction to Post-Tension Concrete

If you’re building an outdoor basketball court, tennis court, or other sports surface, you should strongly consider using post-tension concrete to do it. Post-tension concrete lasts significantly longer than many other types of concrete, and it won’t crack or break for a very long time. It makes it ideal for creating a playing surface that is going to be used for sports.

An Explanation of Post-Tension Concrete

So what exactly is post-tension concrete? It’s a kind of concrete that has been “pre-stressed” during the construction process in order to make it stronger than normal concrete. When laying down a post-tension concrete surface, cables are strategically placed through the center of the slab. Those cables are then stressed to such a degree that they put an immense amount of stress on the concrete surface. In some cases, more than 30,000 pounds of load is placed on the cables. This forces the concrete to become much stronger than it already is, and post-tension concrete is formed. It makes for a very durable surface that can stand up to weather and anything else that you throw at it.

For more than 30 years now, Classic Turf Co has been building post-tension concrete surfaces throughout the Northeast. In fact, we were the first company to introduce post-tension concrete, and we are still very big believers in it. We have spent the last few decades perfecting the art of pre-stressing concrete surfaces, and we have found that it produces the most economical and durable playing surfaces on the planet. Post-Tension concrete doesn’t crack easily and it performs better than concrete surfaces reinforced with rebar, which is why it has become the preferred method of new concrete construction for many people.

Classic Turf Co can use our expertise when it comes to post-tension concrete to lay down a basketball court, tennis court, or other surface for you. You can find out more information about the post-tension concrete process through our website or call us at 800-246-7951 today with any questions you might have about it.

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