An Important Milestone for Classic Turf Company

Earlier this year, Classic Turf Company had the privilege of celebrating its 40th anniversary. Over the past four decades, we have had the good fortune of installing myriad tennis courts, basketball courts and running track surfaces for our valued customers.

The Beginning of Classic Turf Company

Before 1980, outdoor asphalt tennis courts were all the rage. However, what many people discovered was that asphalt courts would seemingly crack right after the initial installation, prompting the annual need to have the court repaired. A problem creates opportunity though, and one person in the industry was not going to rest until they found a solution and created courts and tracks that would last.

That person was Tumer Eren, the founder of Classic Turf Company. After creating Classic Turf Company in 1980, Eren started looking for alternatives to asphalt, and came across post-tension concrete technology. From there, the court installation industry was forever changed, with Classic Turf Company introducing the new technology across the country.

 When compared to asphalt surfaces, post tension concrete provides numerous advantages. For starters, asphalt tends to crack quickly, especially in colder climates, whereas post tension concrete is far more weather resistant and will last for decades. In fact, Classic Turf Company provides a crack-free 20 year guarantee. As such, post tension concrete tennis courts, basketball courts and running tracks provide a far superior playing surface, and a better bang for your buck.

Although we’re based out of Woodbury, Connecticut, we have installed courts throughout the country, and won many awards over our 40 years, including the Award of Excellence from the Post-Tensioning Institute. We love what we do and few things are more gratifying than hearing how much our customers are enjoying their court.

As a company, we want to thank all of the dedicated employees of past and present who have built this company into the industry standard. Thank you for all you do.

And of course, thanks to all of our customers for their patronage.

Here’s to another 40 years!