Classic Turf supports SCSU students with annual charitable donation

Alumni family-owned business supports students through annual Day of Caring fundraiser

Image © Southern Connecticut State University
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Classic Turf Company, LLC (Classic Turf), a local, family-owned business specializing in sports facility design and construction, has committed to helping Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) students by participating in the annual Day of Caring fundraiser. Both Classic Turf Vice President John Eren, and his wife, Director of Finance, Kathryn Eren, are graduates of the university’s MBA program.

In 2021, Classic Turf donated $10,000 – and this year, $15,000. The University’s annual fundraiser is devoted to raising funds to enhance scholarships and provide financial assistance to students. The Eren family was honored to be featured in Southern Connecticut State University’s Alumni magazine, spotlighting connections to the university that make SCSU’s Day of Caring extra special for our family-owned business.

John’s mother Dr. Ruth Eren, an established and accomplished professor of special education at SCSU, provided both John and Kate with inspiration to pursue their MBA degrees concurrently at Southern. Alongside her husband, Classic Turf founder and President Tumer Eren, they encouraged and supported the couple’s commitment to furthering their education prior to starting their family – a period characterized by long days working and late nights studying.

“Southern has given me the opportunity to have a very rewarding career in education and has now given our son and daughter-in-law, with their recently earned MBAs, an opportunity to lead the family company and continue its legacy of philanthropic support,” states Tumer.

The company’s passion for philanthropy and education is demonstrated not only through monetary donations like the Day of Caring contribution, but also through the positive community impact associated with the courts, tracks and fields constructed for park and recreation facilities, schools, and clubs throughout the region.

“John and I have a special place in our hearts for Southern…the connection and dedication to this University crosses generations in our family,” describes Kate.

Since this original donation, Classic Turf has decided to contribute annually to SCSU’s Day of Caring to help students continue their education in the warm and friendly environment that our family was so lucky to experience.