Environmentally Responsible Courts

These days, environmental responsibility is a huge concern related to just about everything we do. From vehicle engine systems to building construction to energy generation and more, the world is realizing the benefits of living in a more sustainable manner. Here at the Classic Turf Company, we’re happy to be doing our part in creating products in a way that uses resources responsibly.

Rubber products, especially old car tires, are a huge source of pollution. Rubber is much less biodegradable than other substances, meaning that tires cannot be converted to waste in a landfill. Unfortunately, there are often few uses for waste rubber that is accrued from junk vehicles and other sources.

Our revolutionary court surface, however, uses an incredible amount of waste rubber, keeping harmful chemicals from leaching into our environment. The Classic Turf Sports Surface that we install often requires more than 400 recycled truck tires to complete. This can go a long way in helping to support a healthy environment while also providing a great facilities upgrade.

State government and environmental agencies invest millions of dollars every year in programs that help in the recycling process for rubber. This article published by ColumbusTelegram.com discusses the more than $4 million given away in grant money to recycling projects in Nebraska by that state’s Department of Environmental Quality. Some communities received thousands for their use of rubber mulch, which is much like the product that goes into the lining of our court surface.

Not only is it environmentally responsible to use rubber, it is much healthier for a player’s knees and joints. The SBR Shock Absorbing Pad that we create using rubber can absorb up to 30 percent more of the shock created by a body running and planting its weight around a court, helping to transfer pressure from the joints to the ground much more effectively than concrete or asphalt.

Give your community a greener world for play and exercise. The Classic Turf Co. will deliver a pristine playing court surface for your school, park or other facilities. Our environmentally responsible products will provide unmatched results in durability as well.

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