Exercising in Moderation with Tennis

If there is anything you should eventually learn in life, it is that everything should be done in moderation. Exercise is good for you, but not too much. Food is good for you, but not too much. When it comes down to it, everything in your life should be balanced, and that includes getting a healthy amount of exercise. And what better way to moderate exercising than with Tennis?

Really any sport can fulfill the role of providing you with exercise and in small bursts here and there. Tennis provides you with a massive work out, countered with pauses of rest in between the running you’ll do on the court. And most people don’t think it from watching Tennis, but it is definitely a work out, between hitting the ball back and running back and forward along the court. You’ll end up sweaty and tired in only an hour or two.

But that’s the better part about sports as your exercise; it is fun and you don’t marathon sports. You never see people staying and playing tennis for five hours straight. Maybe two or three at max, but most people are done by then and they’ve gotten plenty of exercise out of it. But it’s also far more fun than just jumping on a treadmill and running for an hour.

The only thing is, you need to make sure you have the court for Tennis. If you are just playing on cement you’ll find your feet start to hurt faster and so does your body. But if you are playing out in the backyard, you’ll start trying to dive because you think the grass will be softer and it’s not. That’s largely why the classic turf used in city tennis courts and professional tennis courts has been used for so long. It’s not too hard or too soft, it is a moderation just like the kind you need when it comes to exercise or anything else in your life!

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