Here’s Why You Should Renovate Aging Outdoor Courts For the Youth In Your Community

Are there tennis courts, basketball courts, or other outdoor courts in your community that have seen better days? If so, the children in your community may not be putting them to good use. You should consider changing this by renovating these outdoor courts so kids can start using them again. If you take the time to put some work into the courts, they could very well turn into one of the most important parts of your entire community. They’ll benefit the youth for many years to come when you put them through the renovation process. Check out some of the top reasons to renovate your community’s outdoor courts below.

They’ll encourage the kids in your community to get more exercise.

It’s not a secret that most kids, both in the U.S. and in other countries, aren’t getting enough exercise these days. Studies have shown that more than 50% of kids could use more exercise in their lives. By renovating the outdoor courts in your community, you’ll provide children with the venue they need for exercise. Moreover, it will help them develop better physically over time.

They’ll give the kids in your community a safe place to hang out and socialize.

There are some kids who aren’t going to come to your outdoor courts to exercise. They’re going to visit to hang out with their friends and watch other people exercise. And that’s OK! While it would obviously be great for them to get in on the action, the fact that they’ll have a safe place to spend time outside socializing with others is just as important. It’ll help them develop in a social capacity and keep them safe at the same time.

They’ll introduce the kids in your community to new sports.

There are some kids in your community who would probably love to play a sport like tennis or basketball. Unfortunately, they might not have a place to take part in these activities as of right now. You can help give them a place to try these sports out when you renovate outdoor courts. You could have the next Serena Williams or LeBron James living in your community and not even know it simply because there is not a suitable place for them to play.

They’ll provide sports instructors with a place to teach the kids in your community.

Your outdoor courts can (and should!) be more than just a place for kids to come and hang out while spending time with their friends. They should also be a place where sports instructors can come out and teach the kids in your community the techniques they’ll need to know to master certain sports. By providing sports instructors with high-quality outdoor courts, you can give them almost everything they’ll need to educate the youth in your community and help them further their skills when it comes to certain sports.

They’ll teach the kids in your community all kinds of important life lessons.

There are so many great lessons that kids in your community can learn while participating in sports on your outdoor courts. From good sportsmanship to the importance of teamwork, kids can take away a lot of life lessons organically when they take part in sports. You’ll be providing them with a place to learn all of these lessons over time when you revamp your outdoor courts and turn them into something special.

They’ll allow the kids in your community to take more pride in where they’re from.

If your community doesn’t have amenities like outdoor courts for kids to play sports on, they might not be as proud of their hometown as they should be. You can instill a stronger sense of pride in kids by providing them with a place that they can be proud of. They’ll love the outdoor courts that you set up for them, and they’ll be so happy to show their friends from neighboring towns the kind of resources that they have at their disposal. It’ll make renovating your outdoor courts such a great investment.

If you’re going to renovate outdoor courts for the youth in your community, Classic Turf Company would love to lend a helping hand. From tennis courts to basketball courts and running tracks, we can work on almost any kind of outdoor court you would like. Call us at 800-246-7951 to learn about how easy it is to renovate the outdoor courts in your community.