Here’s Why You Should Run on a Track With a Great Surface

If you’re a runner then you know there are all sorts of places you can run… from the treadmill at your local gym (if it’s open!) to the paved paths along the water near your house. With running, it’s nice to mix it up a bit and try out different surfaces. Sometimes you run on gravel, and sometimes you run on dirt. Other times you run on pavement, and other times you run on running tracks.

What are some reasons to run on a running track with a great surface?

Running tracks are usually quite smooth with no obstacles. Are you more likely to run into a leashed dog on the local sidewalk or a running track? Does a running track involve traffic lights you have to stop at, breaking your stride? Is there uneven pavement that could lead to your tripping and falling? Obviously, a running track is better than most other places to run simply because it offers no unwelcome obstacles that get in your way. When you want to run, use a track with a great surface and you won’t have unwanted surprises. 

How about keeping track of your progress? Because running tracks are usually ovals, you can keep track of how you’re doing the old-fashioned way– counting how many times you go around the track. If you know the track is a quarter mile around, and you run around the track 8 times that day, then you’ve gone 2 miles for your run.

If there are other runners simultaneously using the track, then hopefully they’ll motivate you to “keep going” and “do your best.” Being surrounded by other runners on a comfortable track can feel inspiring, helping a runner to push themselves just a little bit harder as they “race” one another.

Indeed, running on a track with a great surface can put a person into race mode. If you’re a runner who is training for a competition, and it’s one that will be held on a professional track, then it makes sense to train on a track, too!

Classic Turf Company is known for its use of post tension technology in the construction of athletic running tracks. Translated, that means Classic Turf makes running tracks with great surfaces– the kind you’d want to run on! For more info, please call 1-800-246-7951. 

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