How Tennis Courts Help Schools Keep Students Healthy

Think back to the time when you were in school. Did you dread gym class? A lot of people did! That said, it depends on what kind of sports and activities your school promoted during gym class. These days, one of the fun things schools can teach kids is the game of tennis.

Schools with nice tennis courts can help keep their students healthy because they’ll get time during the school day to run around, move their bodies, learn some skills and, best of all, have fun in a casual or competitive way.

Oftentimes people think the best sport for staying healthy is something like swimming or basketball. Scientific research, though, indicates that tennis is the sport that’s most effective to help a person stay healthy! 

High Intensity Intervals

So why choose tennis? Well, it offers high intensity intervals. Students have to do a lot of quick sprints, cutting back and forth across the court. They’ll lunge for shots. They’ll use their arms and legs in a significant way, and tennis will help give them a good full body workout. Moreover, playing tennis regularly helps improve core muscles and muscle memory, further improving their overall wellness.

Improved Strength

Do you want kids to build their strength, endurance and agility? Get them playing tennis at school! While the sport does have some repeated movements, it also offers good variation, compared to things like baseball or running. Tennis is great for a person’s muscles and bones. It also helps with coordination and flexibility. Playing tennis regularly can help children develop stronger bodies while also helping to boost their immune systems, which reduces the spread of illness inside the facilities.

Mental Health Benefits

Further, one of the best reasons for school students to play tennis on tennis courts is the chance for good social interaction. Rather than stare at a screen, get the kids on the court moving their bodies, talking to one another, competing, exercising, and having fun!

In fact, tennis provides myriad mental health benefits to players. For starters, tennis requires a great deal of concentration. The best players in the world have an intense focus, knowing that you have to be able to react quickly to your opponents shots and strategy changes. It also means

What’s more, like all forms of exercise, playing tennis helps release endorphins in their brains. When released by the brain, endorphins improve one’s sense of well being, all while reducing pain and increasing ones level of enjoyment. Endorphins are the reason it seems like you always feel so great after getting exercise.

Tennis, and playing sports in general, also helps improve self esteem in children. Growing up isn’t easy, but having a healthy outlet for emotions is one surefire way to make the road to adulthood a smoother ride. Playing tennis is a great stress reducer, and a positive outlet for children to cope with the difficulties that accompany growing up.

Or course, children in a particular school district, university or academy can’t take advantage of all the health benefits of playing tennis if they don’t quality courts to play on. Getting children started early in the game can lead to a lifelong long with a wonderful game, that is healthy for both their minds and bodies.

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