How the Right Color Schemes Can Enhance Your Tennis Court

Do you want to inject a little bit more life into your tennis court? The simplest way to do it is by adding a pop of color to it. While most tennis courts used to be either a dull green or red, these days you can find tennis courts that are blue, purple, and more. Color enhances a tennis court in many ways. Here are some of the ways in which the addition of color can benefit your tennis court.

It attracts attention in the direction of a tennis court.

If you want to inspire more people to play tennis on your court, adding color to it is one easy way to get them to notice it. When your tennis court is bright red or blue, it’ll be impossible for people to miss. They’ll be more likely to head over to it to take a look at it when you choose the right color for your court.

It makes it easy for tennis players and spectators to see balls on the tennis court.

When two tennis players are engaged in an intense match, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with where the ball is. This is especially true if you have a court with a color that’s on the lighter side. A darker-colored court can make it simpler to spot a tennis ball as it travels back and forth. Both players and spectators will be able to keep a closer eye on it.

It hides scuff marks that might otherwise show up.

As long as people wear the right kind of athletic shoes on your tennis court, scuff marks shouldn’t be a problem. However, if your court is located in an area where people sometimes play on it without supervision, you could find scuff marks left behind. A colored tennis court will hide blemishes for you and keep your court looking its absolute best.

Classic Turf Company helps customers beautify and add color to their  tennis courts with acrylic paint created by NOVA Sports USA. It’ll make your court look brand new again and allow you to take advantage of the colors available to you. Call us at 800-246-7951 today to find out which colors we can paint your court.


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