How to Avoid Injuries When Playing Tennis

Playing tennis is one of life’s great pleasures. When it’s a warm, sunny day and you’re on the court with your racquet playing a game against another person or “doubles,” you’re in the moment without a care in the world– except, maybe, beating your opponent(s). Plus, you’re getting exercise, moving your body, getting your heart pumping, breathing in and out, fully alive.

Tennis can put some strain on your body because it’s a very intense sport. You can’t be a lazy tennis player. It requires a lot of movements.

Ideally, before you play tennis, you need to stretch before every practice or game. That means working on your flexibility, doing things like the cross-shoulder stretch where you place one arm across your body and then hold it in place with your other arm. Want to prepare for your backhand moves? Extend your arm in front of you with your fingers pointing down. Pull the hand toward your body with your other hand to stretch and release tension in the tendons and ligaments of your elbow.

The more “in shape” you are, the better for playing tennis. Therefore, don’t be afraid to do lunges and sprints when you’re not on the court. Those movements will help you work on your weight transfer and balance, as well as footwork, core rotation, and reach.

Are you using the right racquet and shoes? Obviously, you’ll want to choose a grip size that’s comfortable for your hands and arms, as well as shoes that fit right and feel good on your feet. You can’t play tennis in flip-flops!

Finally, to stay safe while playing tennis, do so on a proper, reliable court surface, such as the kind built by Classic Turf Company. Did you know that Classic Turf’s sports surface is 30% softer than asphalt or concrete, meaning it’s easier on your feet and your body? Manufactured with recycled rubber tires, Classic Turf’s surface is impermeable to moisture and water. It’s really an ideal surface for a great game of tennis!