How to Prepare Your Outdoor Tennis Court For Cold Weather

Winter weather can definitely be harsh on outdoor tennis courts. At Classic Turf Company, we’re known for our quality tennis courts. We’re located in Connecticut. What’s a typical winter day like in CT? Well, it’s cold, icy, windy and snowy. It’s like that for much of the Northeastern United States from November through March.

What are some tips for caring for your tennis court before winter?

Windscreen and Net Storage

First, if you have windscreens on your fencing, you should remove them for the winter season since you won’t be needing them. After all, you won’t be using your tennis court when it’s 20 degrees outside. Take the screens, fold them neatly, and store them somewhere dry and safe from pests.

Next, take down the tennis net(s). Store them somewhere indoors where they’ll remain dry and nowhere near rodents who might want to chew on them.

A Thorough Clean Before Snowfall

Thirdly, spend an hour or two cleaning your court before it ends up getting covered with snow and ice. This means walking around the court, bending down, and picking up any leaves or branches on it. If you find dirty spots, sweep up and dispose of the dirt. If you notice any stains on your court, use water and a soft brush to buff the stains ‘til they’re gone. Some people think they should use a power washer on their court, but the truth is a garden hose is just fine– and not as intense, so, in the end, it’s your better bet.

Don’t Ignore the Cracks

Finally, look for any cracks or holes in the court. If possible, have them repaired. Ideally, you want to seal them so no water can get inside. With winter weather, there’s a lot of freezing and melting going on, and when that happens, water in cracks or holes will end up making the cracks or holes bigger. It’s better to stop the problem(s) sooner than later!

Just taking some time to care for your tennis court can help keep it looking good and functioning well for years to come.

If you’re interested in having a tennis court installed, renovated or resurfaced on your property, learn how Classic Turf Company can help.