How to Properly Maintain Your Tennis Court

The average tennis court will prove to be very durable once you have it installed, and it won’t need to be maintained very much at all. By sweeping the court and doing some routine cleaning on it, you can prevent stains and keep it looking its best for years to come. Here are some other maintenance tips that will help your tennis court last longer.

Clean your court with detergent and water at least once a year.

If your court is located outdoors, there is a chance that water can cause mold or mildew to grow on it, especially in shady areas. You can combat this by using a mild detergent and water on it on an annual basis. You can scrub away any mold and mildew you find with a soft-bristled brush. You should also get into the habit of rinsing the court down with water to wash away anything that might stain it, like dirt, leaves, and branches.

Prevent standing water from accumulating on the court.

A good, hard rainstorm will actually work wonders for your court. It will wash away dirt, debris, and more from the surface of it. However, you shouldn’t allow water from a rainstorm to pool on your court and stay there for extended periods of time. It can cause staining. It can also leave behind dirt on the court that can create abrasion when tennis players are running all over it.

Encourage players to follow rules on the court.

Those who use your tennis court should wear tennis shoes on it at all times. You should have a sign up that lets people know this. The sign should also discourage people from riding bikes on the court or skateboarding on it. Food and drinks shouldn’t be allowed on the court, and players should also be careful about dragging chairs and benches on the surface of it. These things can all damage your court and force you to replace it sooner than you want to.

These are just a few of the ways you can maintain a tennis court once you have it installed. For more maintenance tips or for information on installing a tennis court, call Classic Turf at 800-246-7951 today.