Ignore These Tennis Myths

Picture of a man playing tennis.

What are some things you think you know about tennis? It turns out there are several tennis myths you can ignore. What are some of them?

Myth One: Tennis is Expensive to Play

For starters, a lot of people assume tennis is an expensive sport that’s just for super rich people to enjoy. That’s not true. Just like with most sports, it can get expensive if you want it to– you can surely spend a lot on rackets, clothing, etc. But you don’t have to! You can play tennis in shorts and a t-shirt with tennis shoes on your feet, a racket and balls you have at a discount store, and “for free” on a public court in the neighborhood. Yes, you could pay for tennis lessons, and yes, you could join a country club for a lot of money and play there, but you don’t have to, so tennis truly is the kind of sport almost anyone could do without spending much money. 

Myth Two: It Takes Years to Become a Good Player

Another myth is that it takes years and years to get good at tennis. Not true! With about 6 months of practice, you can go from beginner to advanced if you have proper instruction and learn good habits. Players can progress fairly quickly, which means you don’t have to wait years until you “get good” at playing tennis. If you’re willing to learn and practice, you should do well.

Myth Three: Finding People to Play With is Hard

“Finding partners to play with is so hard,” is one of the myths that’s also not true. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s actually easier than ever to find tennis partners. There are apps that’ll connect players, as well as “meet up” groups listed online, etc.

Plus, there are great products out there that allow you to play by yourself.

Myth Four: Tennis Isn’t Physically Demanding

Finally, some people actually think tennis isn’t physically demanding! Have they ever played? The truth is that tennis is quite physically demanding, burning fat and calories, building muscle and bone strength, and working out a person’s entire body. Even casual players work up a sweat. 

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