Installing a Post Tension Concrete Playing Surface

When the summer heat rises and the weather becomes blistering, that’s when you’ll be the happiest that you decided to install a post tension concrete playing surface. Here at the Classic Turf Company, we stand by the durability and playing performance of each of our courts or running tracks.

There are plenty of reasons why you should really consider having a professional team install a concrete surface that utilizes post tension concrete technology. This outdoor playing surface comes with a 20-year crack-free guarantee. Grass, clay, asphalt and other types of court surfaces will need to be replaced and repaired much more often.

When you finally do need to perform maintenance on your court, or even install a new court over one that has reached the end of its service life, our post tension concrete service provides an additional benefit over other surfaces. To replace a basketball court made from asphalt, the asphalt must be broken apart and often the dirt underneath must be leveled off to replace the court. With our service, we simply come in and cover the cracks; the foundation of these playing courts is much stronger and more stable than others.

Anyone responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a playing court, especially any surface at an outdoor recreation center, will know that the weather can have a great effect on any playing surface. Extreme temperature swings can cause asphalt to crack and separate, or dry out grass and create unattractive brown spots. Just a few glances at our playing court installation portfolios, however, will show you that our products are very aesthetically pleasing. With our long service life guarantee, you can be sure that you’re making a valuable investment for your school, town or business.

Don’t let the heat beat up your tennis and basketball courts this summer. Call Classic Turf Co. and ask us how soon we can help you build a better outdoor recreation facility. We are a leading provider of recreational court surfaces for the northeastern United States, especially Connecticut.

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