Joint Pain Starts from the Ground, up

High impact activity can be very hard on the human body. And depending on the impact surface, it could be even worse. With every step, pivot and jump, shockwaves reverberate through the human body. And the less shock absorption this impact surface provides, the more intense these reverberations are.

These reverberations cause complications in the human hip, foot and especially the knee. The repeated exposure to this impact can lead to severe and prolonged joint trauma. This could lead to debilitating and even life changing injury.

There are fortunately alternative forms of impact surfaces. These surfaces provide much more shock absorption much more conducive to the human body. Rubber-based surfaces are much easier on all joints in the lower body, imperative for conditioning and longevity. It also prevents post-activity soreness.

So whether you’re playing tennis, basketball or just running laps, the softer the impact surface the better it is for the participants. And softer surfaces encourage more frequent activity and prevent life-altering damage.

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