Making Tennis a Part of Your Daily or Weekly Routine

Considering making tennis a part of your daily or weekly routine? Good for you! Tennis is a wonderful once-in-a-while sport played with friends on vacation or at bigger get-togethers, but the physical, social, and psychological benefits of regular play are often overlooked. Just in case you’re still on the line about investing in the sport, we’ve put together a list of some of the best reasons to work some tennis into your normal schedule.

The more obvious reasons to pick up the racket a few times a week are health-related. Playing tennis improves both your aerobic fitness (burns fat and enhances energy levels) and your anaerobic fitness (helps muscles use oxygen efficiently). You’re likely to see a vast improvement in both your reflexes and general body coordination because of the quick reaction times required to return a volley. Tennis also promotes bone density in growing young players while helping to ward off osteoporosis in older players.

The social and psychological benefits of tennis are particularly pronounced in still-forming young players, but forget what you’ve heard: older dogs can and do learn new tricks. Work ethic is bound to improve as players experience skill-level pay-offs from rigorous practice on the court. Learning your own limits both on the court and off by managing mistakes – facing them, addressing, and then reacting – is a life lesson that bears repeating. Finally, tennis is the ultimate test of stress control. Staying calm under high-pressure situations is a huge factor in the outcome of a match.

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