Our Post-Tension Concrete Surfacing Techniques Are the Best

For more than three decades of the Classic Turf Company existence, we’ve been at the forefront of athletic surfacing technology in our region of the United States and beyond. In fact, we have been pioneers of introducing the entire concept of post-tension concrete to the Northeast.

Although no playing surface will stay in perfect working condition through an owner’s entire lifetime, our post tension concrete surfacing techniques produce a playing surface that lasts for many years longer than products from our competitors. Our particular post-tension concrete process allows us to offer a 20-year crack free guarantee so when compared to using asphalt this crack free guarantee is untouchable and our patented surfaces are guaranteed as well with proper maintenance and scheduled recoating.

There are plenty of environmental benefits to using our playing surface installation services that can affect the health of the land for years to come. The installation of an artificial surface for athletic recreation often results in drainage issues on a property. However, our playing surfaces may be installed with a more consistent slope, allowing us the ability to control water runoff away from our courts over longer periods of time.

Once the life of this surface coating has run its course, resurfacing a tennis or basketball court is simple thanks to our recoating techniques. The strength of this surface allows us to install courts on surfaces that have unstable ground due to excess water or other issues. We also cause a minimal of environmental intrusion every time we build a playing surface.

The Classic Turf Company wants to help every homeowner and facilities manager enjoy better playing surfaces of all kinds for those who want to engage in recreational activities. Call us to discuss your athletic construction project and see how we can bring you a sterling playing surface upon which you can play tennis, basketball or even just provide a running track for others.