Playing Tennis Can Increase Your Life Expectancy by 10 Years

Classic Turf Company of Woodbury, CT, has built many great tennis courts for people in New England, Florida, Georgia, and Bermuda, just to name a few places where you could see our product in action. 

Those who play tennis tend to look and feel healthier than those who do not. Many say playing tennis helps keep them young.

Did you know tennis players increase their life expectancy by about 10 years? 

There’s a study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal which followed some 8,600 adults in the country of Denmark for about 25 years. Of the 8,600 participants, about 1,000 were sedentary people while the rest were regular exercisers. The study found interesting results.
Those who played tennis added 9.7 years to their lives! In second place? Badminton players added 6.2 years… Interestingly, those who did health club workouts only added 1.5 years. And soccer, cycling, swimming, and jogging were all between 3 and 5 “bonus” years. So, tennis players– rejoice! Your sport helps you live longer than most people, including fellow exercisers.

What’s the secret to longevity, then? Tennis.  

If you’re not a tennis player–yet–at least consider taking up the sport. It’s a great way to deal with stress. You can research the many positive psychological and physiological effects of playing tennis, and the more you know… the more likely you’ll be calling Classic Turf and inquiring about having us build you your own tennis court. 

Retirees looking for something to do other than read and watch TV should consider investing in their very own “keep me young” tennis court– the kind that’s right outside their back door, on their property.  Classic Turf Company’s number is 800-246-7951. Call and ask about tennis courts today.