Practicing Tennis Without A Partner

It’s tough to gain a competitive edge over your tennis opponent if you can’t practice without them. But sneaking off with a tube of balls and a racket can be beneficial if you know the proper techniques and have the right equipment. Consider the following tips to improve your tennis game on your own time.

Work on your serve – The serve is the only shot that doesn’t require an oncoming ball, yet is conveniently the most important shot to master. You’ll want to get a hopper and a whole lot of balls to put in it. You can fire away for a while, and the hopper will make it much easier to retrieve the mass of balls quicker.

Use a practice board – Practicing against a wall can be an outstanding tool for practicing alone, but a quality board is crucial in properly emulating a volley. At Classic Turf, we use Rally Master Backboards. They’re made with solid polyethylene panels and are durable, quiet, and easy to install. Truly the highest quality boards in the industry, Rally Master Backboards are backed up by a 20-year warranty.

Focus on footwork – It may not be the most fun use of your alone time, but improving your quickness, agility, and endurance can give you a serious advantage over your opponent. Do some drills, go for a long run, or work on strength and conditioning.

Consult with a coach – Of course, tennis coaches cost money, and experienced players are especially wary of how much they can help. Don’t underestimate their effectiveness. A personal coach will keep you practicing regularly and provide an honest pair of eyes that will catch parts of your game you might not notice.