Protect Your Knees By Playing on a Superior Tennis Court Surface

When you play tennis, it’s a lot of stopping and starting. You’re walking, running, serving the ball, and returning the ball. You’re all over the court, changing directions often. Playing on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete can quickly wear a person out.


Ask most tennis players about their ailments, and they’re likely to tell you about pain in their arms, legs or knees. Tennis can be rough on the body if you are not playing on the right type of surface.


One of the most common tennis injuries, exacerbated by playing on hard surfaces, involves ligament injuries to the knee. To get specific, tennis players often tear their ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament), or their PCL or LCL. That’s a lot of ligaments, and that can be a lot of pain.


It’s no fun to have to go to the doctor or hospital to get an MRI and arthroscopic surgery.


One of the ways to lessen the chance of knee injuries while playing tennis is to play on a surface more conducive to your joints, ligaments, and knees than the typical hard court you find in most places.


Classic Turf Company makes an all-weather, cushioned tennis court surface that’s worth the investment. Classic Turf is 30% softer than asphalt or concrete. It’s biomechanically-engineered solid rubber, which means it’s a soft and comfortable surface to play on.


Have you ever been to a playground where a child fell on hard concrete? That’s just awful. Today’s modern playgrounds have rubber flooring to soften little ones’ falls. Classic Turf is like that—it’s the 21st Century softer, smarter surface for tennis games.


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