Reasons for Rehabilitating a Park

Parks can add a lot of value to the neighborhoods they’re located in; many cities have their top-dollar homes located around major parks.

Sometimes parks need some rehabilitation in order to meet continuing or changing uses while still retaining the park’s overall character and feel, right?

Some of the reasons to rehabilitate a park include its physical condition, mandated code requirements, and the need in the community for new or more assets.

Worn Out Parks

For starters, is the park very old and worn out? Are the buildings falling apart? Do materials seem to be “far gone” to the point where they’re unsafe or unsightly? For instance, does the tennis court no longer have a net, with moss growing everywhere, puddles of standing water, and no one using it? Are there “dead spaces” in the park that no one seems to use or like– spaces that could be put to better use with some thoughtful planning and design?

Parks Not Up to Standards

Next, a park might need rehab if it’s not “up to current code.” For example, what if one of its buildings is full of lead paint and asbestos? That definitely needs attention. Furthermore, can people in wheelchairs access things in the park? The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 has caused many parks to rethink paths, bathrooms and more, such that everyone can use them easily– rather than just able-bodied people.

Improved Courts Get Kids Outdoors

Finally, what if the community has changed in recent years? Are there a lot more kids in the neighborhood– kids who’d love to play basketball, for example? Maybe it’s time to rehab the local park to add some new basketball courts. What about new tennis courts for tennis players or, perhaps, a running track for those who like to run? These community assets can really improve the look, feel and overall usage of a park.

Rehabilitation of parks is important. Classic Turf Company is quite involved in helping rehab parks with new court surfaces, such that more and more people use the parks and enjoy them. If you’re a community leader who wants to see some new additions to your local park, please contact Classic Turf at 1-800-246-7951 for more information today.