Reasons to Get Your Child Involved In Basketball

BasketballInvented at a YMCA by Dr. James Naismith in 1891, basketball is one of the most popular sports in America, and is a rapidly growing game worldwide. Since its inception, it has been one of the most common sports for youth to participate in.

There are myriad reasons to sign your son or daughter up for basketball; let’s take a look at four of the major ones today.

Basketball Teaches Life Lessons

Basketball, and team sports in general, teach children many life lessons at a young age. For example, it teaches children the importance of teamwork, self-discipline, reliance and setting goals. Just as importantly, it teaches them how to deal with both successes and failures. Playing basketball also helps cultivate friendships that could last a lifetime, and aids in social development.

Basketball is Great Exercise

Many kids today seem like they’d rather be “playing’’ basketball on their I-pad or video gaming device; however, getting them to actually partake in the activity is excellent for their health. Basketball is a tremendous source for cardiovascular exercise, and it helps kids improve their balance, hand-eye coordination, muscle mass and endurance levels, according to research from Better Health Channel.

Basketball Doesn’t Share the Risk Level of Other Sports

Regardless of the athletic activity you perform, there is also a risk for injury; however, some activities pose a much higher injury risks than others do. More specifically, high contact sports such as football put participants at a greater risk of injury, including for dreaded injuries such as concussions. Although concussions can occur in all youth sports, basketball does not pose the same risk as high contact sports such as football.

Have You Seen the Contracts Recently?

The NBA has been in the headlines often this summer due to the size of the contracts that have been handed out during free agency. Thanks to a 35% increase in team’s salary caps, the NBA has been handing out multimillion-dollar deals to seemingly any professional player with a pulse this summer.  Although the chances are unequivocally stacked against your child making it to the NBA or the WNBA, there are still countless college scholarships handed out each year, and basketball can lead to many adventurous avenues.

Ultimately, it is up to your child to decide whether or not he or she wants to play basketball. But if they show interest in the sport, remember the benefits of signing your child up for basketball.

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