Reasons to Get Your Child Involved in Tennis

TennisJust like it’s easier for a child to pick up a foreign language when they’re young, it’s easier for them to learn to play sports at an early age. One sport in particular– tennis– is a good game to get your child involved in because it can become a worthwhile, lifelong pursuit.

Why start tennis lessons at an early age? Kids need to move around, and tennis puts some order to that movement, such that it teaches things like hand-eye coordination, paying attention to objects as they move, and running around to get to the spot where they need to be in order to return the ball to the other side of the net.

Tennis gets people moving; it’s a good way to exercise. Physical activity at a young age helps promote a lifetime where health and fitness are a priority. What kids learn at a young age carries over into adulthood.

Playing tennis promotes self-esteem. A kid is so excited when they hit the ball over the net and it lands where it’s supposed to; they also enjoy the friendly competition of tennis. They learn to set goals– to figure out where they want the ball to land. Furthermore, they “train” (aka practice) to become better at playing tennis, setting goals to achieve along the way. Tennis can be a confidence booster.

Tennis can be played one-on-one or in teams. A child who learns to play tennis as part of a team learns what it’s like to be a team player. He or she has to work well with others in order to win– and this is a valuable life lesson learned on the tennis court at any age.

Rather than be aimless with “nothing to do,” a child needs some structure in their lives, and they typically learn about making and keeping a schedule when they play tennis regularly. Tennis helps to develop time management skills. It needs to balance with other things they have going on in their life, like homework and playing video games.

Finally, tennis is a way to have fun while also learning how to cope with challenges and adversities. Not every serve will work out as intended. The ball won’t always be hit perfectly. Sometimes the team will lose games. Yet tennis has many moments where a player feels like they’re on top of the world– it’s an exhilarating experience overall.


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