Reasons to Have a Fence Around a Tennis Court

If you’re going to have a tennis court, you should consider having a fence around it. The primary function of the fence is to keep tennis balls contained within the court area. Otherwise, you’d spend more time jogging to retrieve balls that went far away than you’d spend playing tennis! Furthermore, if the tennis court is located near a cliff, a pond/creek/river, or a well-trafficked street, the fence does its job of containing both the tennis game and tennis balls. A fence makes a great “catcher” of balls.

Other reasons tennis courts have fences include safety, security, and aesthetics. For instance, the fence helps define the overall space. It sets up much-needed boundaries. When people are within the fenced-in area, they’re there to play tennis. Those who want to watch can be outside of the fence. Therefore, tennis games don’t interfere with passersby and/or whatever is going on outside the fenced area. Fence gates can be locked in order to only allow those with keys onto the courts. This way, the courts are used for their intended purpose rather than as a place for skateboarders  to fool around, for example.

When a tennis court is fenced in, some people choose to add evergreen vines to their fences in an effort to obscure the view of outsiders. This works well when privacy is of utmost importance. Many tennis courts on residential property have fences to enhance the look of their property while also serving as a nice place to escape to, away from the house, the road, and society in general.

Classic Turf Company makes custom metal fence systems. Rather than using standard round pipes and fittings, Classic Turf chooses to go with 2-inch square tubing for posts and rails. Welded at the joints, these fences have a seamless look and are quite durable. They come with a 20-year structural warranty.

If and when you’re thinking of adding a fence to your tennis court, Classic Turf can talk with you about options. Perhaps you want a metal fence or a wooden one. How high do you want your fence to be? Where do you want gates placed? Do you prefer a black, green or brown metal finish?

For more information about tennis court fences, call Classic Turf Company at 1-800-246-7951.


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