Reasons to Have a Tempered Glass Basketball Backboard on Your Outdoor Court

If you’re not too familiar with basketball backboards, you should know there are generally two types to choose from for your basketball court. There are tempered glass backboards and acrylic backboards. Which type should you get?

Ideally, you want a backboard that’ll last a long time (durable), live up to expectations (quality), and look nice (aesthetics). 

Acrylic backboards are clear plastic. They resemble glass. Over time, they tend to develop a haze and/or discolor since the sun and weather take their toll. It’s not unusual for acrylic backboards to “yellow” over time. Mold might start forming on this type of backboard– yuck! Because acrylic is softer than glass, it can scratch and scuff easily. The more use the backboard gets, the nastier it’s going to look. 

The better choice for your basketball court backboards is tempered glass– the kind you’ll find at local school gyms as well as the places where professionals play. Why is tempered glass “top notch?” It offers greater rebound capability and less vibration than acrylic. When a player goes for the rebound, he or she will consistently know where that rebound will go each time if the backboard is tempered glass. That’s not always true with acrylic backboards. 

For those who are worried the glass could shatter, realize this: it’s highly unlikely it ever will. If it did, there’s a coating on the glass that holds it together if it shatters (the same thing is applied to car windshields)– a good safety measure. 

Tempered glass is going to look good and function well for a long time. Unlike acrylic, it won’t discolor, haze or look scratched/scuffed up. It’s a clean, sharp look. 

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