Summer Recreation Activities

The summer is a great time of the year to try a new form of physical recreation, especially team sports. Summer sporting events may seem to be limited to sports like tennis or volleyball where the team element isn’t quite as strong. For many, the basketball court is the perfect place to not only get some exercise and have fun, but also learn to develop skills as a team member.

We’ve discussed the benefits of playing basketball to a person’s physical health before here on the Classic Turf Company blog. A quick look around our website will show any of our online visitors that the playing court surfaces that we create, whether intended for tennis, basketball or running track, are unparalleled in both appearance and performance.

Outdoor playing courts are a great way to encourage a neighborly atmosphere in any community. Our blog is full of stories about municipalities, schools and other organizations with which we’ve collaborated to create amazing indoor and outdoor facilities that cater to many local residents.

The social element to basketball is something that’s often missing from many other summer sports. Even a three-on-three matchup with no spectators provides plenty of opportunity for fun, competitive banter as well as a chance to brush up on your personal team building abilities. It’s certainly not out of the ordinary, however, to see dozens of people of all ages coming together to basketball courts to play, watch the game or just socialize with others.

The official Classic Turf Company website has plenty of software tools to make sure that you install the perfect basketball court for summer recreation. You can read more about what you can expect from our basketball court installation services and even check out portfolios filled with images of our residential, municipal and rooftop playing court projects.

The summer may be here, but it’s not too late to start on installation. If you’re in Connecticut or other points in the Northeast, contact Classic Turf Co. to find a quote for the best possible playing court construction service around.

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