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An Interesting Look at Tennis Shoes

If you’re going to play tennis on a tennis court, you should wear tennis shoes. Here’s the problem, though– people generally have no clue what the differences are between tennis shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes and trainers. Aren’t they all pretty much the same? Ok, what do all the aforementioned footwear types have in common? They’re… Read more »

The Types of Tennis Courts

When you think of a tennis court, you might see different colors and different kinds of nets, but most people just don’t think about the fact that there are different kinds of tennis courts crafted and each kind is for different kinds of tennis play. The International Tennis Federation some time ago had crafted a… Read more »

You don’t need to remove the asphalt to install a tennis court

The asphalt may be cracked and worn, but it doesn’t mean your new post-tension concrete system will be. When we install our post-tension concrete tennis or basketball courts, we don’t remove the asphalt. We don’t have to. Our systems are installed right on top of the original and existing courts. This eliminates the need for… Read more »