You don’t need to remove the asphalt to install a tennis court

The asphalt may be cracked and worn, but it doesn’t mean your new post-tension concrete system will be.

When we install our post-tension concrete tennis or basketball courts, we don’t remove the asphalt. We don’t have to.

Our systems are installed right on top of the original and existing courts. This eliminates the need for expensive and messy excavations. Sometimes, this part of the step is the most time consuming too.

Not only does a company have to dig up the existing court, they have to truck it out of there to another site. Then, the company has to re-grade the dirt so it’s even, and then prep it for another asphalt court installation.

This process will go on for every few years until you decide to get a post-tension concrete system.

By going right on top of the existing court, there’s no need for a big excavation effort. We simply install the new court on the cracked asphalt and you don’t have to worry about a thing for the next 20 years – probably even longer than that.

Don’t worry about the asphalt. The post-tension system is strong and durable enough for it not to affect the new court no matter how much it has deteriorated.

So if you’re looking for a quick fix that’s guaranteed to last 20 years, call us. If you’re looking for a time-consuming replacement that will need to be replaced again, well, choose asphalt.