Tennis and Basketball Court Construction is Necessary for Healthy Communities

Communities all across the northeast United States will be seeing a great increase of residents of all ages taking to the outdoors to take advantage of warmer summer weather. Unfortunately, many municipalities don’t have the facilities to cater to this growing group of outdoor recreational enthusiasts.

Here at the Classic Turf Company, we’ve worked with many community partners to provide recreational facilities of all kinds for towns around Connecticut and beyond. If the recreation and facilities department in your town is seeking to expand on its sports playing surfaces, we can provide the professional expertise to get the job done perfectly.

Take a quick look at our municipal court portfolio to see a long list of the communities we’ve collaborated with to install incredibly attractive and durable playing courts. Bridgewater, Manchester, Waterbury, Woodbury and more are Connecticut towns where our work can be found serving scores of residents.

Make sure to check out the links to the project pages available through our municipal portfolio to get a closer view of the entire process that goes into installation or renovation of playing courts. Not only can we create a recreational facility on a newly acquired piece of land, we can tear out and renovate an old system, providing locals with a crack-free playing surface for years to come.

The professionals at the Classic Turf Company are experienced at building working partnerships with public townships as well as regional park associations. We’ve contributed to tennis and basketball court projects of many sizes, from individual courts to facilities that can support many games being played simultaneously. We can also provide lighting and fencing options to keep summer athletes playing safe late into the evening, well after the sun sets.

Make sure that the summer throng has plenty of useful facilities to frequent and keep them occupied as the summer heats up. Call Classic Turf Company to hear about all of our post tension concrete installation products. From tennis to track and field, we are the best outdoor playing court partner in the northeast.