Don’t forget about the lighting systems

Nothing makes your court shine brighter than a tennis court lighting system from Classic Turf.

Municipalities, school districts and homeowners can all benefit from having a lighting system installed with a new post-tension concrete tennis or basketball court. Let’s take a look on how a lighting system can not only keep tennis and basketball players happy, but the community.

No better feeling than competitive tennis under the lights – As a high schooler, there’s no better feeling than playing any sport under the lights. Football, soccer, baseball or tennis, there are something about the bright lights that brings out the best in athletes. Tennis is no different. It’s an advantage for the home school and it brings excitement for the away school.

Play longer – You want your investment of getting a post-tension concrete court to pay off — install lights. Our guarantee to post-tension concrete customers is worry free courts for 20 years, well that includes playing on them throughout the entire day and night. This is important because a lot of times it rains during the day and if you’re set on playing with friends, you can compete at night.

High-Tech lighting – We use LSI – Industries Sport Lighting systems, the most energy efficient lighting systems on the market. These lights shine only on the court without any glare on any court, indoor, outdoor. These lights meet the standards of the United States Tennis Association.

Keep kids out of trouble – If you’re a municipality, why wouldn’t you install lights on your post-tension tennis or basketball courts? They keep teens out of trouble. A pickup game of tennis or basketball at 10 p.m. is a lot better than other things teens do on summer nights, right? Also, keeping things lit up at night, even if no one is using the court, can ensure no vandalism or destruction to nets or the property where the tennis and basketball courts are located.

No matter the reason for getting lights, the aesthetics of lights shining down on a court are worth it. Driving by at night gets people in the mood to shoot a few or hit a few. Watch and see.