The Argument for Multi-Purpose Courts

Walk into fitness centers, gyms and health centers and you’ll notice their amenities. Many of them have things like indoor basketball courts, swimming pools, and/or open spaces that can used for a myriad of activities. Meanwhile, people like to utilize outdoor courts for a variety of activities when the weather is decent. Who hasn’t seen an outdoor tennis court, soccer field, or basketball court? Most municipalities have public courts and fields. There’s definitely a demand for these places. People of all ages and backgrounds typically utilize sport courts.


One of the main benefits of having multi-purpose outdoor courts is that it’s cost-effective. The owner of the hotel or country club, the caretaker of the church, or the administration of a school can essentially save money by having multi-purpose courts for general use. Think about it this way: why spend money to build separate courts for different sports when you can take one or two courts and creatively adapt their use to your needs? For instance, a tennis court could be turned into a volleyball court. A basketball court could be used to play kickball. Other sports like badminton and hockey can also be played on outdoor courts that are otherwise normally used for something different– it all depends on the date, time, season and demand.

A Purpose for Different Seasons

Seasons change. Sometimes kids want to play a certain sport because it’s the right time of the year for it. Take hockey, for instance. It makes sense to play that in the winter months. So if a team could use the outdoor tennis court for hockey practice in January, why wouldn’t they?

Outdoor courts should be multi-purpose! Think of the land you save by incorporating multiple things into one or two courts instead of eight or ten. That also means less overall maintenance. It lessens the money needed for repairs. In times when budgets are lean and the economy can be questionable, it just makes sense to construct and utilize multi-purpose outdoor courts.

Specifically, on a typical multi-purpose court some fifteen games can be played. In general, tennis, basketball and volleyball are the “big ones,” while others, like badminton, can be popular in certain places, depending on the demographics of an area. Really, it all depends on what kind of people use the courts you’d like to offer– are they younger or older or both? Do they have an interest in a variety of sports and like to change things up every few months? Are there a lot of active people around who want a public place to get some exercise with friends and, at times, strangers who become friends?

Multi-Purpose Courts Are Used by Many Age Groups

Multi-purpose outdoor courts that are newly built and/or redone to today’s expectations are typically safe, durable, somewhat customizable, and, if properly utilized, well-used. Oftentimes, these courts end up having posted schedules for when certain groups plan to use them… and “for what.” For instance, “silver sneaker seniors” want the court from 8 a.m. ‘til 10 a.m. for tennis. Workers on their lunch break from the nearby office building want to play basketball from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Later on, the local school’s roller hockey team wants to use that court from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for after-school practice. Then, after dinner, married couples have a tennis doubles match after they’ve gotten home from work and eaten dinner, so they’ve reserved the multi-purpose court from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. See how many people just one multi-purpose court could serve in a day?

Contrast this with some older, non multi-purpose courts that sit idle day after day. Imagine if you were a school that had built a certain kind of court for a lot of money, but, for whatever reason, the interest just wasn’t there for that sport. You’re left with an expensive waste of money that isn’t getting used. At least with multi-purpose courts, they can be quickly adaptable to suit current (and future) interests of the people who use them.

Classic Turf Company excels at designing, constructing and fixing, as needed, multi-purpose outdoor courts, with clients all over the country and even internationally.

For over 30 years, Classic Turf Company has been dealing intensively with the research and development of sports surfaces using cutting edge technology. Classic Turf uses a patented sports surface applied over post tension concrete slabs. This means the court surface won’t peel or bubble. It’s also waterproof. The company’s “Prime Coating System” along with post tension concrete translates into a “20-year crack-free guarantee.” Therefore, if you’re looking for an outdoor multi-purpose court surface that’ll endure your area’s weather and not crack in the next two decades, contact Classic Turf  to discuss your wants and needs. The number is 1-800-246-7951.