The Classic Turf for Many Sports

If you have ever been to a park in almost any major city, you might have seen the courts with the unique-feeling turf. That’s because it’s something that has been used for years in cities, a classic turf that could cover any number of ball games from basketball and volleyball, to soccer or any other sport you could think of. But why is this surface such a classic turf and so widely used? It all comes down to a few key components.

Easy Installation

This turf can really be put over top anything. From concrete to wood, it can be placed wherever you need it to go, making the process simple for determining where to put this stuff. It can even be placed on rooftops for non-play use because of the qualities of waterproofing this stuff has. And since it is made from recycled tires, we are actually using up a resource that doesn’t always have many places to go except to a dumpster, so why not offer the chance for it to protect people from harm?


The waterproofing is obvious for this mostly rubberized turf, which means it doesn’t end up destroyed from rust or just wearing down from rain constantly hitting it. But it’s not just waterproof; it also dries up rather quickly, able to soak up water as if it is nothing, so that the surface is safe to play on even after a large storm. The turf also survives against UV and the sun beating down on it constantly, as well as not being easy to tear up for anyone if they accidentally scrape themselves. This makes the turf incredibly resistant to just aging in general.

Sports Use

Of course, this turf is mostly seen for sports courts because it provides a perfect bounce for things like basketballs and tennis balls, as well as not being too damaging to a person when they are running around on it a lot. It’s also significantly softer than concrete in case you do take a spill or you’re really feeling the pain on your feet from running around on hard surfaces. All this together makes it a common turf for running tracks too.

Just these three components have made this turf the classic from the beginning for any city or personal use for that matter.