The Features of Post Tension Concrete Tennis Courts

When installing a new tennis court, you could use regular asphalt to do it. However, a post-tensioned concrete tennis court would likely be a superior option. Creating a post-tension tennis court involves taking a prepared base and installing a structural concrete slab over top of it. The concrete is then reinforced with a system of cables that are tensioned once it’s in place. Check out the features of a post-tensioned tennis court below.

A post-tension tennis court won’t crack easily.

One of the issues you’ll run into if you choose to take another approach to installing a tennis court is that it’ll likely start to crack after a while. A post-tensioned tennis court will be resistant to cracking from the beginning. Plus, in the event that it does exhibit signs of cracking, the cracks will be of the hairline variety as opposed to wider and deeper cracks.

It won’t need to be maintained as much over the years.

A post-tensioned tennis court may cost slightly more to install than other types of tennis courts, but it won’t cost much to maintain over time since it won’t require much maintenance. You won’t have to invest in costly crack repairs or do any of the other repair jobs that are necessary with other tennis courts.

It will last a lot longer than other tennis courts.

In addition to not requiring much maintenance, post-tensioned tennis courts will also typically last a much longer time than other types of tennis courts. You’ll get a lot more life out of them, and you won’t have to worry about installing another new tennis court for a long time.

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