The Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis is one of those sports that people of all ages can play. Indeed, it’s not that unusual to see little kids or senior citizens on the courts.

Tennis is the kind of game that can get vigorous, which means it allows people to release their tension. Therefore, it’s good for people who want to let go of symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or anger. There’s something about whacking a little green ball across a net that can put a smile on one’s face.

The nice thing about tennis is that it gets a person’s brain to generate new connections between nerves. After all, it requires alertness and tactical thinking. If the opponent does one thing, then the other tennis player has to adjust for that; the more competitive the game, the more physical and mental exertion required.

Did you know that tennis helps a person burn more calories than aerobics, inline skating or cycling? Playing tennis is a good way to practice both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. In other words, you’ll burn fat, boost your overall energy level, and encourage your muscles to use oxygen efficiently. Moving around the court with speed, a tennis player gets to sprint, jump and lunge in order to serve or return the tennis ball. These actions build strong leg muscles as well as improve a person’s general body coordination.

Tennis is a game which helps players develop both their gross and fine motor skills. Balance, agility, flexibility, and eye-hand coordination all come into play, too. Depending on how much effort a player wants to put into practice or a game, tennis can be quite demanding on both the body and mind– a good challenge for both.

Speaking of the mind, playing tennis requires discipline, hard work, and the ability to manage adversity. Just like in life, in tennis there will be mistakes made. Therefore, tennis helps train the mind to adjust as needed– if one ball is missed, then the person tries harder to connect with the next one. It’s a good way to deal with stress. Tennis also gets a person to think about strategies, especially when it comes to anticipating and reacting to an opponent’s moves.

Finally, tennis requires sportsmanship as a person plays fairly with others, winning and/or losing in an honorable, non-boastful way. Tennis is a healthy sport that encourages people of all ages to get their bodies moving in ways that are quite beneficial to their overall health and well-being.