Things to Consider When Resurfacing a Tennis Court

Do you have an outdoor tennis court? If so, when’s the last time it was resurfaced? Outdoor tennis courts need to be resurfaced periodically if they’re going to be used and enjoyed by athletes and the casual sports’ enthusiast. How often do they need resurfacing? Well, a lot of factors come into play. Take, for instance, how the court was built as well as where it was built. If the weather hasn’t taken its toll on the court, perhaps the ground beneath shifted, causing the court’s surface to crack or warp.

Alternatively, maybe pools of water have formed in certain spots, especially if the court was built on a slope. Acid rain can also mess with a court’s surface. Even such seemingly harmless things like weeds, branches and twigs can interfere with a court surface over time. 

How Often Should Tennis Courts Be Resurfaced?

Generally speaking, tennis courts should be resurfaced every four to eight years. When resurfacing takes place by a professional company, they will clean the court of debris. Then they will fill in/sand down cracks. And low spots will be leveled in order to prevent further water pooling. Basically, resurfacing is like a “face lift” for the court. 

What can court owners do to minimize the frequent need for resurfacing? For starters, trim down any overhanging trees or bushes so they’re not dropping leaves and sticks onto the court throughout the years. Also, if you see a pool of water, mop it up so it quickly dries up, rather than lingering there for days on end. The cleaner and dryer you keep your court surface, the longer it should last.

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