Things to Include on an Outdoor Basketball Court

Are you thinking about having an outdoor basketball court installed on your property? What are some things to have on or around it?

The Obvious Additions

For starters, you’ll want basketball goals. These are where players will ultimately throw/dunk the ball through the hoop and score points. Do you want one in-ground basketball goal or two? Do you want them to be adjustable so you can change the height as needed? Will you choose a crystal clear glass backboard that’ll hold up in all weather conditions? What about a breakaway rim that’s competition grade? And how about the pole– most people want a thick structural grade steel pole that’s both rigid and durable.

Official Lines

Next, you might want to consider a free throw line as well as a 3-point line. If you want to have a multi-game court, consider using overlayed lines and adding in netting posts. Some people choose to make their basketball court able to accommodate other games, such as volleyball or shuffleboard. So, with that in mind, you might want additional lines/markings and multi-purpose nets.

Safety Additions

Also, consider adding ramps to courts so that people who are young or disabled can easily get up and onto the court. Ramps make a court look more professional. You should also consider adding lighting to your basketball court, which allows for nighttime play. When it’s dusk and the players don’t want to finish their games, having proper lighting allows them to play at all hours– even when it’s dark outside.

Finally, fencing is something to add to your court for both convenience and safety. If a ball gets thrown off the court, it’s nice to have the fencing “catch” it so you’re not running all over to retrieve it. Furthermore, fencing separates the court from other things, such as nearby roads. When little kids are playing on the court, fencing helps keep them away from trouble– it’s better that the fence “catches” the ball than having the kids run into traffic to retrieve it, right?

Classic Turf Company designs and builds new basketball courts using post-tensioned concrete. You can also choose to have post-tension concrete courts installed over already existing courts, and Classic Turf can install custom fencing, too. Please call Classic Turf Company at 800-246-7951 for more information.